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Book cover: Riding the Dog

Riding the Dog

Winner of the Gold Medal for Fiction-Short Story
The 2015 Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest

Bookbaby 2014
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  Speed of Light
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
(Simon & Schuster) 1999

It's the summer of 1956, the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, is six-months-old, and in a little mill town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, eleven-year-old Audrey Ina Stern is curious about the galaxy, what kind of adventures she's going to have this summer, and why anybody would throw a rock through a window of her daddy's pajama factory. Is it because they're Jewish? Or because he supports hiring an African-American to the police force in Blue Gap, something unheard of in those days? And what does that broken window have to do with the numbered tattoo on Tante Pesel's arm, Audrey's dark and unknowable young aunt with the intriguing Polish accent? Looking for answers to these questions, Audrey ricochets through an often dangerous journey into the heart of hatred and prejudice and, in doing so, grows a heart herself.

"An author takes risks writing a children's book of this complexity and Rosen's success in crafting so readable a story around so complex a framework deserves praise and recognition."
...Linda Silver, Chair
The Association of Jewish Libraries 6/00

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Book cover: Speed of Light
Excerpt (pp. 96-7) The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, Volume 11, Yale University Press 2011.

Aladdin Paperback 2001

Nominated for The 2000 Mark Twain Award

Winner of The 1999 Sydney Taylor Award for Older Readers (The Association of Jewish Libraries)

Book cover: Speed of Light

Verlag Urachhaus 2001

Book cover: Living in the Woods in a Tree: Remembering Blaze Foley Living in the Woods in a Tree
Remembering Blaze Foley
University of North Texas Press 2008
#2 Lives of Musicians Series
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book cover: El Sentido de la Vida

Book cover: Mensch sucht Sinn

a short story
included in
Mensch Sucht Sinn
Gabriel Verlag (Thienemann Verlag GmbH) 2004

Rosen's short story "Shannon" is one of five in this anthology for young adults that explores the major world religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Each story reveals the teachings that these ancient traditions share - and also what makes them unique. In Rosen's story, Shannon is a disgruntled fifteen-year-old girl stuck in the rain on a trip through the Adirondack wilderness with her Aunt Becky, a newly-ordained Zen Buddhist monk. Besides failing most of her classes in school, Shannon is furious with her neglectful parents, confused about a deceased older sister she never met, and wondering how she ended up in a canoe in a thunderstorm with her bald-headed aunt and a terrified German shepherd named Lobo. Through adventures and conversations with her aunt (and Lobo), Shannon is introduced to Buddhist teachings of karma, compassion, and the alleviation of suffering. In the course of her journey downriver, she manages to practice a little meditation, stare into the eyes of a black bear, and find within herself a new and surprising openness.

El sentido de la vida Salamandra 2005
El sentit de la vida Salamandra 2006
Moj Bog, Tvoj Bog Mladinska knjiga Zalozba 2007
Mensch Sucht Sinn (Paperback) Carlsen Verlag 2008

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book cover: Moj BOg, Tvoj Bog
"An excellent instrument for teaching peace."
...Hans Küng, Professor of Ecumenical Theology
University of Türbingen

Illustrations for "Shannon"    Illustrations for "Shannon"
Illustrations for "Shannon" by Eva Schöffmann-Davidov