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Poster for Blaze Foley DocumentarySybil Rosen is available for book signings, readings, book clubs, classroom visits and commissions.
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Upcoming Appearances

Saturday, December 5th, 2015, 10:30am - 1:00pm. Riding the Dog. Booksigning at Nightbird Books, 205 W. Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Website Credits

Crocheted duct-tape gown and photo by Agata Olek (home page) Thanks, Olek Photo of Sybil in a duct tape dress

Cover of Speed of Light by Cliff Nielson Cover of the German edition of Speed of Light and Mensch Sucht Sinn, and the illustrations for "Shannon" in Mensch Sucht Sinn
       by Eva Schoffmann-Davidov
Special thanks always to Kevin Triplett, Marsha Weldon, and Laura Buchwald

Photo Credits:
Living in the Woods in a Tree (cover),
Michael Boyle and C.P. Vaughn, Author photo (bio page): Margery Alexander Bouris, Also thanks to:
James Boyle, Nicole Zules, Briana Blue Shackelford-Zules, Margery Alexander Bouris, Gurf Morlix, Lindsey V. Horton, Laura Emory, Cathy Balch, Samuel Rosen, Amy Ellenbogen and Kevin Triplett.
Production photos from Reuben & Son (with Vince Melocchi and Larry Gelman) and Author en loco (with the author, Cassidy Nutter, and Jean Hudson), Margery Alexander Bouris.

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